Ultra Soft Car Wash Microfiber 16"x16" Super Absorption Car Detailing Towel

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1. 1200GMS, double-sided 2-layer plush, can absorb almost 10 times its own weight of liquid. Not only does it absorb water quickly, but it can be wringed out quickly and easily, and the black stitched edges won't scratch the surface.
2. Strong grip for easier wax removal, the super plush polishing towel is specially designed for wax and sealant removal.
3. Suitable for use with dry damp surfaces or waterless car wash products.
4. No need to go to car wash, save time, money and protect your paint. Premium materials and reinforced edges make this towel sturdy and durable.
5. Super soft, plush non-abrasive microfiber cloth will not scratch paint, coatings or other surfaces and can be used on crystals, mirrors, tiles, windows, cars, hands, plates, etc.
Product name: 1200GSM coral fleece car wash towel
Color: Gray/Blue
Size: 16" x 16" (40cm*40cm)
Material: coral fleece
Uses: car washing, car cleaning, glass cleaning, household use